Vegans UK Restaurant reviews.

I’ve started working on rather than running this blog separately and am hoping to review a lot of vegan restaurants and add them to the Vegans UK Restaurant listings, where places that serve vegan options also get a mention, as the only way to get places to change is to reward places that offer vegan options.  I know that many of my friends read over the menus to check there’s something for me to eat and this often dictates the eventual venue we end up going to.

Dear all UK restaurants – you will get more business if you offer vegan options!

What Can Vegans Eat?

This is one of the questions I get asked all the time,  what can vegans eat?  There’s plenty of food great for vegans much of it very healthy which may help with us having longer life, this is one of the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle, not just helping animals, by keeping them alive, but keeping us alive and can mean greater food resources for more humans, less starvation, less farmland devoted to food industry and hopefully more returned for the wild animals that we humans have destroyed over the many years to grow more and more animals for human consumption.  If you want more on What Vegans Can Eat check the tag on Vegans.UK:  What Can Vegans Eat? – it lists all the posts about vegan diet, very helpful for those new to veganism, friends and family of vegans trying to organise a dinner party, BBQ, picnic, wedding or have to cook for their newly vegan family member.

Vegan Diet – What food do vegans eat?

Vegan Diet – What food do vegans eat?

Being a vegan I’m often asked what food do vegans eat? The best thing to do is to start with what foods they don’t eat; the easy answer to this is anything that comes from an animal which includes meats, dairy and eggs.

What do vegans eat?
I really like this easy to understand vegan flowchart:
Vegan Diet Explained Flowchart

The next question always goes something like “how on earth this is possible to have a diet that doesn’t consume anything from an animal?”. Stopping eating meat is pretty easy and with around 15% of the UK population being vegetarian it’s easy to see how easy to cut out meat it is. However trying to remove all animal products and have a vegan diet can be a little difficult as animal products are hidden in a lot of things such beer, wine, bread, crisps, many sweets and a lot more.

I’ll try to give a very basic overview of what I eat as my vegan food list, this isn’t an entire list of all my food as there’s a wide variety just a basic list to give ideas:

Cereals with dried fruit topped with either blueberries or cinamon and I use coconut milk instead of dairy milk.


Toast with a vegan spread such as Vitalite – Vitalite dairy free or Pure Pure Sunflower.
Be careful as some sunflower spreads such as the Tesco sunflower spread contain dairy no good for those living a vegan diet or that are lactose intolerant.

Vegan Snacks:
Fruit: Bananas, Apples, citrus of all types, nuts, dry fruits, there’s loads more feel free to add your suggestions in comments.

I like bread, it’s a weakness of mine I eat a lot of sandwiches with salads: carrots, lettuce, peppers (capsicum), olives and a lot more, I’ll add to it as I think of them.

I love a good stir fry with either rice or noodles (make sure they’re not egg noodles), I mix in nuts, such as cashews or peanuts, and as many colourful fruits (peppers (capsicum), courgette (zucchini)) and vegetables (onions, broccoli, broccoli, bean sprouts, onions, carrots and a lot more) as possible I mix in things like chili, garlic and ginger.

Pasta dishes are also great loads of healthy vegetables and I make my own sauces from a mix of tomato, ginger, garlic, onions, oils and herbs and spices.

There’s also loads of greaet vegan replacements such as things from Linda McCartney Foods Linda McCartney Foods and Morrisons have their own vegan bean burgers as well as giving recipes for making vegan burgers on their website: Bean Burger. Sainsbury’s are very helpful with their own label food which has a lot information and do have a vegan logo.

Dark chocolate is often vegan, but do check the labels.
Most of our desserts we make ourselves, cakes, cupcakes, vegan ice cream etc. All mega yummy!

For more on vegan diets and what food you can prepare for your vegan friends check Vegans.UK in particular How to be vegan.

New Vegan website – find Vegan Restaurants

Hi all, if you’re on here you probably know that eating a vegan life style can be a great way of being healthy and giving you a longer life, obviously there’s junk food vegans and we all love a bit of yummy food occasionally!  There’s also the raw vegan food lovers, which is I generally only cook one meal a day so the other 2 and snack are often raw vegan too.

Food for Life: By not eating or using animal products it’s estimated you can save up to 100 animals from cruelty or death every year!

If you know of great vegan restaurants or cafes, bars, pubs, coffee shops or any other eatery that offers up a vegan option that other vegans can support and help people that are being kind to the animals then please feel free to post it on Vegan Restaurants.

One of the quickest way to help out the animals is with your wallet and if more places offer up vegan food more people will eat it, think of every wedding you’ve ever been to the vegan and vegetarian buffet food is always the first to go (except at my wedding as it was all vegetarian, wasn’t vegan then!).  If there’s more vegan options on the menu more people will choose them!

One thing I like to tell all my bar friends when they ask about being vegan is due to the amount of grain I save by not having it fed to animals it makes your beer and whisky cheaper! So go vegan!!!

On the Vegan restaurant listings really after lists for where to find raw vegan meals especially in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Brighton – these seem to be the places most people have asked me for.  If you have a raw recommendation please add it to raw vegan restaurants UK.

More animal support to come in the future!

Help animals and eat vegan!